Sterilization and Disinfection Services can be given in all Public Hospitals, University Hospitals, Private Hospitals or Oral and Dental Health Hospitals, especially City Hospitals Operated by Public Private Partnership Model. We become companions to you in the entire service process, from project preparation to the completion of the operational process.



The project is created by considering the service structure, architectural structure, localization and working conditions of the institution to be served. This project work covers the following works:
  • Architectural Layout Plan of the Central Sterilization Supply Department
  • Equipment & Capacity Analysis
  • Organizational Structure Analysis
  • Tender File



With the completion of the tender, the installation term begins. At this stage, the preparation of infrastructure projects and the follow-up of the construction process are one of the most sensitive points for the correct execution of the devices commissioning process. The installation period service covers the following works:
  • Equipment Infrastructure (Electricity, Water, Discharge, Air) Projects
  • Ventilation (Air Conditioning) Projects
  • Stainless Equipment Specifications
  • Data Projects
  • Lighting Projects
  • Field – Infrastructure Suitability Control



The opening period, which starts with the completion of the installation, covers all the processes of the operation term:
  • Establishing the Quality Documentation System
  • Employment and Training of the Management Team
  • Employment and Training of the Operational Team
  • Creation of Information Technologies Infrastructure



With the completion of the admission process and the start of patient transfer, the operating term has also started actively. This process covers the following services:
  • Execution of In-Service Training Program
  • Follow-up and Reporting of Operation in Accordance with the Quality System
  • Human Resources Management
  • Technical Service Follow-up and Reporting
  • Information Technologies Process Management
  • Productivity Analysis